The Institute has spacious hall of residences with attached dinning and entertainment facilities:

  • Beas Hostel: 202 Single-Seated Rooms for Boys

  • Sutlej Hostel: 120 Single-Seated Rooms for Boys

  • Raavi Hostel: 128 Single-Seated Rooms for Girls

  • Chenab Hostel: 156 Single-Seated Rooms for Boys

Married students accommodation  -18 Nos.

The residential accommodation is available at the campus for the faculty and essential services staff.

A fully furnished guest house has been built which also serves as a visiting faculty house.

[ Download Form for Guest House Reservation ]  [ Download Form for Reservation of Trainees' Hostel ]

An auditorium, conference complex, cafeteria, gymnasium and health centre, shopping centre, community hall and swimming poll are also available.

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