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Guidelines for Summer Trainings to be held from 1st June - 15th July 2015 at NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar 

Download Form                                                          uploaded on 11-March-2015

Seminar on "Process Validation and Equipment Qualification: A Risk Based Approach" on 20th March, 2015      uploaded on 08-December-2014

7th International Symposium on Drug Metabolism & Pharmaco Kinetics (DMPK-2015) 18th-21st February 2015     uploaded on 08-December-2014

Training and Continuing Education Programs

  News and Press Releases

Mr. Sabbir  Khan, PhD Scholar NIPER S.A.S. Nagar has been selected  for  65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting  scheduled to be held from June 28th to July 3, 2015 at  Lindau, Germany.        uploaded on 04-March-2015

Invitation for NIPER Foundation Day on 15th February, 2015 "Prof. R. K. Kohli, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Punjab, Bhatinda will be the Chief Guest"                                                           uploaded on 09-February-2015

6th International Symposium on Drug Metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) 27th Feb-2nd March 2014   uploaded on 31-March-2014

11th Annual Conference of International Society for Heart Research (Indian Section) February 8-9, 2014    uploaded on 31-March-2014


NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ/2014-15/NIQ)          uploaded on 27-March-2015

Tender Notice (Advt. No. T3/2015)                                                                   uploaded on 05-March-2015

PART-1 of Tender Notice T3/2015 for Contract for Cafeteria

PART-2 of Tender Notice T3/2015 for Making 13 half bust bronze images/statues

Tender Notice (Advt. No. T2/2015)                      uploaded on 24-February-2015

Tender Notice T1/2015 ( Installation and Upgradation LAN and Wi-Fi )      uploaded on 02-January-2015

  Annual Report

Annual Report 2013-14 (FileSize: 5.55 MB)

Annual Report 2012-13 (FileSize: 5.55 MB)

8th Convocation of NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar      uploaded on 08-September-2014
Group Insurance Policy of Students-Salient Features    uploaded on 11-December-2014

Pilot Plant for Contract Research/Development and Scale-up of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Herbal Products [Technology Development Centre (Advt. No. 6/2014)]               uploaded on 25-June-2014

Notice-Advertisement (Advt. No. 16/2012)  uploaded on 17-August-2012

Pilot Plant for Contract Research/Development and Scale-up of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Herbal Products (Advt. No. 8/2012)     uploaded on 11-May-2012

Results Framework Document     uploaded on 06-September-2012

APPEAL (Collection of research materials/books/equipment/testing gadgets/portraits, artifacts of heritage value and related to the development of pharmaceuticals or biomedical sciences)     uploaded on 21-Dec-2010

Telephone Directory

LC-NMR and LC-MS-TOF installed at NIPER for characterization of impurities and metabolites

National Toxicology Centre, (First govt. test facility approved by national GLP compliance monitoring authority, DST, New Delhi)

Value Through Innovation

NIPER – IDPL signed MoU for transfer of technology of Zinc dispersible tablets

Agro Techniques and Cultivation Practices of Some Important Medicinal Plants

NIPER Darpan/Annual Raj Bhasha Magazine/Spandan 2010


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