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Training and Continuing Education Programs

  Tenders / Expression of Interests / NIQs

ANNUAL RATE CONTRACT FOR THE SUPPLY OF LIQUID NITROGEN (No. NIPER/PUR/2017-18 dated: 13.11.2017)     uploaded on 14-Nov-2017

NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIQ20/2017/IND14718 dated: 13.11.2017)     uploaded on 13-Nov-2017

NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ/2017-18/IND147805 dated: 10.11.2017)     uploaded on 10-Nov-2017

NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ/2017-18/IND14786 dated: 09.11.2017)     uploaded on 10-Nov-2017

NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ/2017-18/IND14776 dated: 09.11.2017)     uploaded on 10-Nov-2017

NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ/2017-18/IND14791 dated: 10.11.2017)     uploaded on 10-Nov-2017

NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ/2017-18/IND14745 dated: 31.10.2017)     uploaded on 03-Nov-2017

E-Tender for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump for LCMS (No. Etender13/2017/14122) uploaded on 01-Nov-2017

E-Tender for Compute Workstation (No. Etender12/2017/14393) uploaded on 01-Nov-2017

E-Tender for High Performance Compute Cluster (E-Tender Notice No. T9/2017) uploaded on 27-Oct-2017

List of Qualified Bidders for Supply of Books to NIPER Library (Ref. To: Tender No. T8/2017). The Financial-Bid for this  Tender will be open on 2nd November, 2017 at 3:30pm at NIPER Library.  uploaded on 25-Oct-2017

Corrigendum to Tender Notice T5/2017                             uploaded on 01-June-2017

TENDER NOTICE (T5/2017) 'e-Tender for Installation and Upgradation LAN and Wi-Fi' 

TENDER NOTIFICATION                                                                   uploaded on 04-May-2017


NOTICE- Regarding Compulsory Enlistment of Indian Agents of Foreign Principals with DGS&D   Uploaded on 21-Feb-2017

  News and Press Releases

Press Release: NIPER Signs MoU with CSIR-CDRI (Lucknow) (14th November, 2017)       uploaded on 15-Nov-2017

Press Release: New Thrust at NIPER (13th November, 2017)       uploaded on 14-Nov-2017

NEWS: NIPER in NEWS (10th November, 2017)       uploaded on 10-Nov-2017

Post Press Release: SMPIC Seminar on "Maximizing Employee Potential in Pharma SMEs"       uploaded on 09-Nov-2017

NEWS: NIPER in NEWS (7th November, 2017)       uploaded on 07-Nov-2017

NEWS: NIPER in NEWS (4th November, 2017)       uploaded on 07-Nov-2017

Press Release: Inaugural function of ITEC (November 6th, 2017)       uploaded on 07-Nov-2017

NEWS: NIPER in NEWS (28th October, 2017)       uploaded on 02-Nov-2017

NEWS: Director NIPER Signs MoU with Ayurvet Limited Ghaziabad (UP)       uploaded on 25-Oct-2017

NEWS: Ninth Convocation held at NIPER S.A.S. Nagar        uploaded on 16-Oct-2017

NEWS: NIPER in NEWS (11th October, 2017)       uploaded on 11-Oct-2017

'NIPER has Zero Tolerance Towards Ragging'- Information

Advisory on NIPERs by AICTE (Govt .of India)

"Certificate of GLP Compliance" (Re-Certification of National Toxicology Centre (NTC) NIPER S.A.S. Nagar  by National GLP Compliance Monitoring Authority (NGCMA), New Delhi.)

  Annual Report

Statement of Accounts (लेखा-विवरण) 2015-16 (FileSize: 26.3 MB)        uploaded on 09-June-2017

Statement of Accounts (लेखा-विवरण) 2014-15 (FileSize: 21.1 MB)        uploaded on 09-June-2017

Annual Report 2015-16  (FileSize: 5.17 MB)


List of Gazetted & Restricted Holidays (2017)

Fee-Notice for July to December 2017              uploaded on 01-June-2017

Pilot Plant for Contract Research/Development and Scale-up of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Herbal Products (Advt. No. 4/2017)               uploaded on 28-Feb-2017

National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), MHRD 2017        

Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships Mentoring Program on April 5, 2016   uploaded on 21-March-2016

Information regarding CPGRAMS (Centralized Public Grievances Redress and Monitoring System) MobileApp   (to download this MobileApp please visit   uploaded on 19-February-2016

Scholarships to ST Student admitted in the National Level Institute (ST & SC Department, Govt. of Odisa)    uploaded on 11-February-2016

Information for Students of the Institute.  (visit National Scholarships Portal  uploaded on 09-February-2016

AICTE Advisory for recognition of MS (Pharm)/M.Tech. (Pharma)/M.Pharm./MBA (Pharm. Management) degree awarded by NIPERs by Communication to all AICTE recognized Institutes.     uploaded on 19-December-2015

Students Group Insurance Policy         uploaded on 16-October-2015

Notice-Advertisement (Advt. No. 16/2012)  uploaded on 17-August-2012

Results Framework Document     uploaded on 06-September-2012

APPEAL (Collection of research materials/books/equipment/testing gadgets/portraits, artifacts of heritage value and related to the development of pharmaceuticals or biomedical sciences)     uploaded on 21-Dec-2010

Telephone Directory

LC-NMR and LC-MS-TOF installed at NIPER for characterization of impurities and metabolites

National Toxicology Centre, (First govt. test facility approved by national GLP compliance monitoring authority, DST, New Delhi)

Value Through Innovation

NIPER – IDPL signed MoU for transfer of technology of Zinc dispersible tablets

Agro Techniques and Cultivation Practices of Some Important Medicinal Plants


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